Monday, February 6, 2012

The Cleanoscope

Project Design by: Nishant jethi, Aalap Deasi

Littering is a hard-to-change habit. So, the challenge was to make people throw waste in the trash can.
We turned to the kaleidoscope for inspiration. And designed our can just like one. So whenever you throw trash in it, it creates a beautiful pattern. We made throwing trash fun. We experimented our design in a public place. A children play park. An average trash can of a similar size collects around 82 kilos of trash a week. The Cleanoscope collected 131 kilos.


  1. This is amazing! How can we get one in Mt. Rainier, MD?

  2. This is an excellent idea.
    a)How are you developing this into a business idea?
    b)Has Mumbai municipality been supportive of the same?
    c)What is the cost involved in installing the same? Fear of thefts?

    This is a wonderful concept. Can a similar concept be thought of for effective urinals to discourage people from urinating all over the road and on walls?

    Kudos to you and congrats for the innovation. :)

  3. Hi Nishant Jethi,
    This is Jenny from Weekend Weekly, a magazine of Hong Kong. I write go-green feature for the magazine. I found the concept of The Cleanoscope really good and I would like to feature it in the next issue of the magazine. Just wonder if you can send me some high res pictures. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks very much.

    My email address is

  4. Hi Nishant,

    My name is Lisa DeGuire and I work at an environmental non-profit called Blue Water Baltimore. I'm so impressed with the Cleanoscope! It is such a fun and creative way to encourage proper trash disposal. Litter is a big problem in Baltimore and we are currently involved in a litter reduction project in schools and communities.

    I would love to discuss options for bringing Cleanoscopes (or something like it) to Baltimore, MD. Please email me at

    Keep up the great work!